Special Delivery

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Special Delivery

In some cultures it is told that babies are born in a cabbage patch. Other cultures pick their babies off the sunflower heads. Belarusan folklore tells of babies delivered by storks, yet nobody knows from where exactly. It’s a tradition that everybody favours the stork, and attracts them to their household by placing an old wagon wheel high on a tree. Another option is embroidering stork images on home linens. “Honey”, “Sweety”, are names of endearment used all over the world, but Belarusans call their children “sonejka majo” — “My Sunny”.
Special Delivery was a real pleasure to design and stitch, incorporating many folkloric symbols. The image of the cabin reminds me of the peculiar cosiness of our rustic wooden homes. The stork isn’t only Belarus’ favourite bird, it’s the national symbol which came from the very ancient totem.
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Designed by Iryna Varabei
Spirit of Belarus

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