Solar Plexus Vest

Solar Plexus Vest 2

Solar Plexus Vest

A little bit of sunshine is what we all hope for in life. I designed this vest in the middle of winter while dreaming of sunshine and fun times on the beach.

I always have a skein of yarn and needles with me when travelling, so it’s no surprise that on my recent trip I had my knitting while lounging by the ocean! As my yarn was blowing in the wind and there was no way to get more than a few rows of knitting done, more because I was laughing so much at the silliness, me trying to knit with this wonderful view and breeze by the ocean. It was so relaxing and beautiful.

This vest and its colour remind me of the wonderful relaxing moments that bring me so much joy, remembering perfect Zen moments. The vest is light weight, perfect for doing yoga or to wear on cooler summer evenings by the water.

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Designed by Jacqueline Grice
Ravelry: Knitswiss