WEEKLY GIVEAWAY! HeatnBond® Adhesive Products

Enter now for your chance to win a set of HeatnBond® Adhesive Products, sponsored by H.A. Kidd and Company Limited!

HeatnBond for appliqué & quilting

HeatnBond® Iron-On Adhesive is a solid sheet of adhesive. Providing edge to edge coverage on your appliqué shapes, no matter the size of appliqué. This eliminates puckering and bunching.

HeatnBond® Ultrahold is a no-sew permanent adhesive! It’s great for adding embellishments, accents and details you don’t want to sew or can’t sew. It can also be used on wood and canvas for other creative home décor projects!

HeatnBond Lite is a sewable permanent adhesive! Use it when you need to sew the project, but you don’t want to pin. Iron your pieces into place and then sew.

All of the HeatnBond® products can be washed and dried after properly adhered.

Contest ends Sunday May 17th at 5PM. Get your entries in now!

Congratulations to Cindy H…winner of the QUILTsocial Weekly Giveaway for Sew Easy Quilting Templates, sponsored by H.A. Kidd and Company Limited!

HeatnBond® Adhesive Products


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