Answering the call for a zakka phone case

Simple elements come together to create a stylish cell phone case.


Answering the call for a zakka phone case

Today on QUILTsocial, the zakka design aesthetic answers the call for a stylish cell phone case that protects your phone, and little details like a fussy cut of your favorite fabric scrap. We’ll also be adding a quilted neck strap to make it a hands free caddy. It’s perfect for having your phone close, but not in the way, at craft shows, a walk in the neighborhood, or grocery shopping. Let’s discover how answering the call for a zakka phone can be exciting!

You will need

various fabric scraps
lightweight interfacing
HeatnBond Feather Lite
DMC embroidery floss
Sew Smooth thread conditioner
scalloped edge rotary cutter
garter clips (or similar)
Clover clips
quilters’ tape
ric rac

Use ric rack to cover the joining seam between the quilting cotton and the linen.


  • Join a quilting cotton scrap to a scrap of linen to create a piece of fabric that is 11″ x 14″. Press seams open.
  • From this joined piece, cut two pieces, 5″ x 7″.
  • Use lightweight interfacing to stabilize this piece of fabric.
  • Cut a piece of lace, ric rac, or similar trim to cover the joining seam, and adhere it using quilters’ tape.
  • Sew the trim to the joined seam.
Sew several lines of a wide zig zag stitches to applique the fussy cut fabric to the zakka cell phone case.


  • Select a fussy cut scrap, or an image printed on inkjet fabric, and create a decorative edge using scalloped edge rotary cutter or pinking shears. If the base fabric shows through this fabric scrap, adhere a piece of muslin to the back of the scrap using HeatnBond Feather Lite.
  • Pin to one side of the case front. The placement is up to you, but I decided it looked better in the center.
  • Set a wide zigzag and sew the scrap to the front, taking about three passes all around it. Press.
  • Spray with 505 adhesive to baste batting to the main case pieces — using an applique sheet to protect the table surface.
Stitch the lining and the main zakka cell phone case together at the top edge.


  • Right sides together, sew the outside front and back of the zakka cell phone case together. Clip corners and turn right side out.
  • Sew the front and back of the lining together, leaving a 2 1/2″ opening at the bottom for turning.
    With right sides together, place main case inside the lining.
  • Sew the top of the lining to the top of the case.
Slip stitch the opening of the lining closed.


A neat running stitch with embroidery floss creates a charming handwork finish to the top edge of our zakka cell phone case.


  • Thread an embroidery needle with three strands of contrasting colored floss.
  • Use a dab of Sew Smooth to help the thread glide through all the layers of the zakka cell phone case. (see photo)

Come back tomorrow when answering the call for a zakka phone case becomes “hands free” with a cool zakka inspired quilted neck strap!