A Posy of Pom Poms

A Posy of Pom Poms

A Posy of Pom Poms
Wikipedia tells us that “pom-pon” is originally a French term which refers to ornamental spheres of decorative fluff. They can be made out of fabric, yarn, paper, plastic, or even feathers. However you spell it – here’s a fun and fast crochet project which lends itself to sociable crafting. So why not take a break from your regular sit ‘n’ stitch… and have a Pom Pom Party instead!
This ruffled pom pom can be worked in a little over 30 minutes, and once you get the hang of it, you can chat and snack and stitch away with your fellow pom pom party-ers!
Traditional yarn pom poms require some prework: you need to cut doughnut-shaped pieces of cardboard around which the yarn is wound, and then tied and cut. There are fancy commercial pom pom makers available also. With this crocheted version – you only need your crochet hook and yarn!
The ruffled pom pom can be used in place of traditional yarn pom poms. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Scarf, belt, handbag, and slipper adornments/decorations
  • Socks – remember those tiny pom poms on the back of sockettes? These provide anchorage to prevent the socks from slipping down into your shoes.
  • Hat trims (From Wikipedia: “The small pom-pon bauble used on the Tam o’Shanter hat is known as a “toorie”. It evolved into the smaller pom-pom found on older-style golf caps and the button atop baseball caps.”)
  • Cat toys
  • Baby’s crib or stroller mobile
  • Gift wrap embellishments
  • Holiday ornaments
  • And of course… the perfect bridal posy for a fibre-loving bride

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Download the PDF pattern now.

Designed by Tamara Krievins
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