Moroccan Mug Rug

Moroccan Mug Rug

The inspiration for the design of this little project was a window grate in a photo of an old door in Morocco.

When I saw the photo so many ideas for ways to create with the design began popping into my head. Now, the window grate was distorted by the angle of the picture, so the first job was to try to align it. Then I re-created one quarter of the design, this too could be broken down into quarters. These quarters, like the original, could be mirror imaged vertically and horizontally or run in a column to create a multitude of new designs. The possibilities seem nearly endless!

Work a block or 1⁄4 block or 1⁄4 of a quarter with mirrors to design a block of your own. Turn the inside to become the outside or flip flop vertically or horizontally. You may be surprised at what you create. Make it your own!!

Download pattern.
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Designed by Judith Marquis
Amberlane & Amberpetites