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In this edition of ANPTmag, it is with great excitement to explore with you this distinctive type of Belarusan stitching technique called ‘Wicker Stitch’.
I’m still in the process of discovering more about this ancient yet very popular technique adapted from the original pattern taken from my own piece of garment, purchased long ago back home. Feel free to explore this technique by using your own choice of colours.
The wicker stitch – called Nizanka, comes from a technique called “za-niza-ti” meaning “to wicker into” – is as easy as it is beautiful, and can be both simple and intricate to do. Made up of geometrical patterns, the technique is widely spread in Belarus; it is used for decorating traditional towels, garments and linens. Traditionally, there are two colour work options used: red and white, or light grey and white (natural flax colour). Occasionally 2 or 3 rows are done in black.
The visual effect of the wicker stitch is that of satin stitch, but it differs in its stitching technique. While satin stitch concentrates on one motif at a time, the wicker stitch involves carrying the thread for the entire width or length of the design at a time. The patterns are created by using rows of straight running stitches of long and short length. Each row can be repeated 2 to 6 times. The stitches are done row by row.
When attempting this project for the first time, stitch a small sample first.
Read more in our Fall 2012 issue.

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