Joining In

Joining In

In the last issue (Summer 2017), I gave a photo step-by-step of two methods of joining yarn. The butt join is one that’s very commonly used, and the magic knot is one I included as an example – it’s not one I would use or recommend.

In this issue, my photo-torial continues with three more joins: the Russian join, an alternate Russian join, and the braided join. As I did in the last issue, in addition to showing how to execute these joins, I’ll offer my views and some pros and cons of each, leaving you to make up your own mind about which ones to add to your knitting repertoire.

All of the examples in this piece are done with two contrasting colours to better illustrate the steps of the joins and how the results appear in the fabric. With almost all of these joins, when they are executed in two strands of the same colour, the results will be far less visible, and that’s what you want in a good yarn join!

Read more in our Issue 45.

Designed by Cynthia MacDougall
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