Hat & Mitt Set for Baby

Hat & Mitt Set for Baby Pattern

Hat & Mitt Set for Baby

This is probably my favorite ‘recycle’ project! While visiting with our youngest daughter, Katie, and our nine-monthold granddaughter, Reem Audrey, Katie lamented that she couldn’t find a pair of long mittens, which would stay up the sleeves of her jacket, and that Reem couldn’t pull off.

At the time, she happened to be sorting out clothes that Reem had outgrown, and on top of the pile was the cute tweedy blue sweater – shown on the left.

With the recycling article on my mind, I grabbed up the sweater, and quickly figured out how to create a pair of long mitts using the sleeves. I left the sleeve cuffs as the mitt cuffs, and just had to taper the tops. We didn’t add a thumb, as ‘mom’ said she would be less likely to try and remove them if her hands were enclosed!

I removed those cute little faces on the front of the sweater and put them on the backs of the mittens – they were too cute to toss! However, this left a lot

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Designed by Joanne Gatenby