Friendship Blanket Shrug

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Friendship Blanket Shrug

I believe the Friendship Blanket Shrug is the perfect name for this knit project. It was born from left over sock yarn I had in my stash and the very many bits and pieces of left over sock yarns received from friends over a span of time. I started to knit a scarf at first, but the yarn just kept coming, so it evolved into a lap size blanket. I kept on knitting still receiving left over yarns from friends…

It was only after about two to three years, and many other projects on the go, that I decided I wanted to finish the blanket. But what can I do with a piece that now measured 88″ in length and 20″ in height? Ah! Fold it up to make sleeves and voila╠Ç… so easy and simple.

The colours and the linen stitch of this shrug remind me of a Mexican blanket making it a versatile shrug that pairs up perfectly with denim jeans.

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Download the PDF pattern now.

Designed by Jacqueline Grice

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