Felted Clothes Pin Bag

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Felted Clothes Pin Bag

Spring is a time for chasing off the doldrums of winter and becoming a hive of activity. It is no wonder that it is the season that we so closely associate with throwing open windows to let the sun shine in, cleaning floors, windows and comforters, sorting through forgotten items, and so on. With this in mind I designed this project to celebrate the domestic and to bring beauty to the cleaning process. It can also be a great way to use up some of the yarn found in our stashes as we sort through our cupboards and knitting baskets.
The project also gives you an opportunity to try a couple of techniques that you may not have tried before. The stripes are worked in short rows so that the lines tilt and add interest. Then, in keeping with the idea of laundry and cleaning, the whole thing is felted to make the fabric sturdy and practical. Spring is a fun season so I have added whimsical details to the project so that the hard work of ‘spring cleaning’ becomes less of a chore and more of a celebration of the burst of renewal that comes with it.
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Designed by Fiona Ellis

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