Fan Vaulting Beret

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Fan Vaulting Beret

Fan Vaulting Beret - detail

A few years, ago my younger daughter and I took a trip to England for her March break. We both loved the various styles of architecture, but, as a knitter, one of the things I found most inspiring was the wonderful, fan-vaulted ceilings found in many cathedrals. The ceiling at Bath Abbey inspired me to knit the first of a series of berets based on the fanned-out ribs and arches. This is the design for the fourth beret.
The hat starts with a lengthwise band knitted as i-cord. Stitches are then picked up along the band, then increased sharply, to start the twisted rib pattern. Decreases are hidden in the pattern to form the crown of the beret, which ends with the traditional tab.
Read more in our Spring 2013 issue.

Designed by Denise Powell
[email protected]
Ravelry: DoctorKnit

4 Responses

  1. Leslye Borden

    I would like to see the pattern for the beret. We are thinking about making items for the children who come to the shelters with their moms and your beret looks like a good choice, if the pattern itself isn’t too hard for our volunteers to make.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Fiona Audain

    I love your knitted Beret, however for me I Crochet ONLY!! Maybe I could make it as a Crocheted Beret and give you the Kudos of the design. How does that sound?

    • Carla A. Canonico

      Well, we’re even, Fiona! Of all the categories of needlework I haven’t tried crochet. One could say it hasn’t called me name! Stay tuned we might have a crocheted beret in the near future.

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