Chenille Shawl

Chenille Shawl Pattern

Chenille Shawl

Ever wonder what to do with that rayon dress that no longer fits or mom’s special blouse? A recycled Chenille Shawl is the answer! Combining eight different rayon blouses or dresses with a new piece of rayon this shawl will wrap you with warmth and love.

Chenille fabric is usually done one sided but for a shawl or a scarf it gives you a much nicer look to make it double sided. When creating chenille fabric, the stitching and the cutting must be done on the bias. For this technique the fabric must be rayon; using cotton will make the shawl too heavy.

Quilts, wallhangings, vests or bags are created with 4 to 5 layers of cotton or flannelette. Chenille fabric is created and washed and can then be used in combination with other fabrics or on its own. For these projects you would cut the top (3 or 4) fabrics 1” to 2” smaller than the base fabric, layering the fabrics right side up over the base fabric and leaving a border around the outside. This will give you a seam allowance to insert the chenille into the project, plus it makes it much easier to cut just the top 3 or 4 fabrics avoiding the bottom fabric.

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Designed by Cathy McLean