The Boys Primitive Hooked Rug

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The Boys Primitive Hooked Rug
It is well known that rug hooking is a North American art form that began out of necessity. Inspired by something familiar, using old recycled fabrics, beautiful rugs were made to cover cold wood floors.
I love anything primitive, and I also love to upcycle, so the idea to create a rug, using old techniques, and to give new life to old items, was very appealing to me. The pattern was indeed inspired by something familiar. “The boys” as we call them, are two Siamese cats that we share our home with. My closet, unfortunately, was not full of wools that I no longer wear. Many trips were taken to consignment and second hand thrift shops, as well as going through the closets of friends and family members, looking for just the right colour and texture.
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Designed by Michelle Miller
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