Monthly Archives: May 2017

Thinking Outside the Paper Piecing Lines

Thinking Outside the Paper Piecing Lines Pattern

A while ago, I embraced paper piecing as a way to use up all the threads of my most precious fabric scraps. Before long, hexagons joined forces to create flowers to applique onto projects. Pentagons banded together to create soft balls, perfect for kids to play with, or joined together to create fabric snow people. […]

Tote-ally Awesome!

Tote-ally Awesome! Pattern

I LOVE WORKING WITH SCRAPS. I even purchase bags of scraps to supplement my supply! The creative challenges and design possibilities they represent are irresistible. Run out of one colour or fabric? Find another colour/fabric that ‘reads’ the same or add some zing by using a contrasting colour. Pull out your scraps to create the […]

In my Heart

In my Heart Pattern 2

In my heart there’s always a strong desire to make something out of needle and thread. From this desire flourished an idea to publish a needle arts magazine to showcase like-minded designers who share the same passion for artwork made with needle and thread. Here’s a heart that represents that love. Read more in our […]