Winter Cape

WInter Cape

Who wouldn’t love to be cozy on the most beautiful snowy day of the year?
Enjoy every moment of machine embroidery felting to create your own all seasonal cape. When you select your fabric of choice, explore the various roving yarns, wool or craft felt, or any wool fabric remnants for the most exquisite results.
Choose the colours that move you, and remember that anything goes. You can also mix the wool roving for variety of colour splashes in the felted embroidery. Each felted embroidery could also be different if you wish. Have fun with it. This cape can be transitioned into cooler seasons, and can be done in a variety colour groupings, linings, and neckline accessories. Wrap around scarves, or cowls, bulky knits, can also be used. Gloves, half gloves, fingerless or full gloves, fashion hats, to include only a few items. Explore all of your ideas.

Read more in our Winter 2014 issue.
Download the PDF pattern now.

Designed by Cheryl Stranges
Product & Event Specialist

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