Wedding Bells Hankie

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Wedding Bells Hankie

When our daughter announced she was getting married, I wanted to make her something as a keepsake that would be special gift from her mother. To my surprise she was thrilled when I suggested a monogrammed hankie. In fact, she wrote a couple of days later asking if I would make one for each bridesmaid! I did my research on monograms and chose a font that I could embroider using shadow embroidery techniques which would be easier and faster than the traditional raised satin stitching. The girls all carried their hankies wrapped around their bouquets. On second thought, I could have made monogrammed hankies for the men as well. In this disposable world, not many young people these days have ever even owned a cloth hankie but this could start a new trend for special occasions!
These monograms are fun to do and can be used in so many places other than hankies – bed linens, table linens, even clothing. You can enlarge them and embroider them using any technique you choose. You could even recreate them with your sewing machine. But do practise before you tackle your good fabric. Each initial takes only a short time to complete – a great project for an evening of stitching. You can stitch in traditional white on white or in one of the colours from the wedding.
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