Victorian Sewing Pouch

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Victorian Sewing Pouch

Victorian Sewing Pouch - detail

Victorian Sewing Pouch - inside

It all began with a stitch on cloth.
When? We know as far back as Cro-Magnon Russian, 30,000 B.C. from a fossil of fur clothing heavily decorated with handmade stitches of ivory bead. Perhaps creative stitching was the first man made art form on earth.
We like to think so.
Stitching has evolved in every part of the world, where a person held a needle, made from materials at hand, be they bone, wood or steel, threaded it with sinew or silk, wool or cotton, and began to make a difference to the piece in their hands.
Egyptians did it, the people of central Asia did it, Edwardians did it, and the remote inhabitants on our planet, and high in the Polar Regions did it. They all had the similar idea which was to create something beautiful, incorporating their culture and imagery of their history and traditions.
In our sewing pouch we incorporated the edelweiss to represent Uschi’s German heritage. The tiny white flower is a symbol of courage and purity. The ladybug is for Kerry’s Irish ancestors, symbolizing protection and good fortune.
The lily of the valley is a symbol of sweetness and happiness and the pearl represents wisdom, women, and faith.
So now it’s time for you. As you thread your needle, think back on the history of this sewing pouch. With each stitch you take think of the men and women before you that developed wool penny rugs. Feel the texture of the wool beneath your fingers and listen as the thread pulls through the natural fibres, breathing the history of the craft.
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Designed by Ursula Greiner and Kerry Karram
Wool Penny Rugs Enterprises Inc.

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