The Sweater Vest

The Sweater Vest

The Sweater Vest

Sometimes a garment you knitted many years past is no longer useful. Maybe it’s now too big or too small, or a very dated style as in ‘1980s shoulder pads?’. Or, just a little too worn out. For whatever reason, we can be reluctant to let go of something we made and of which we have fond memories.

About 35 years ago I knit an all wool Aran pullover. I wore it many times, but gradually put it on less and less frequently. It was a little too tight, I found pullovers a bit too warm, and, frankly, the sleeve cuffs were badly worn. It sat in a drawer, still loved but unworn, for many years.

Finally, I decided that to get more use out of it, I would have to remake it. Since it was pure wool I could have felted it and cut out warm mittens or slippers or even pot holders. I could have simply taken off the sleeves and turned the body into an Aran cushion cover. These ideas were all very tempting until I realized that, although I don’t wear pullovers much, I do wear vests frequently. So, a vest it would become.

Obviously, you will not be able to follow this project exactly, but I hope it will inspire you to think of ways of recycling older garments into something you’ll wear again.

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Designed by Denise Powell
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