Tea Steeper Cozy

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Tea Steeper Cozy

Tea Steeper Cozy close-upVariation of Tea Cosy

Last Christmas, I was given a tea steeping pot to replace several unsatisfactory tea straining devices. I’m not precious about tea. I normally boil the kettle and sling a bag into a large mug. However, I have some special loose leaf tea that I brew for a treat now and then.
The tea balls and tea strainer I tried have been disappointing, allowing tea leaves to escape into my cup. The tea steeper pot is not at all disappointing. A small teapot with a mechanism that releases the tea once the pot is placed on the cup was my favourite gift last year. However, it isn’t pottery and it doesn’t hold heat. So, it often produces a lukewarm brew.
A friend of mine also received a tea steeping pot for Christmas. In January, she posted a photo on Facebook of her tea steeping away under her woolly hat. I knew something had to be done, and once completed, this tea cozy fits both the steeping pots from Teavana and David’s Tea. The plain linen is a nice frame for special tea themed fabric, but cheery gingham works well too.
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Designed by Nancy Devine
Heaven is Hand Made
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Bio: Nancy Devine is a dedicated crafter and fibre artist who enjoys creating something every day. She frequently writes about her adventures on her blog, Heaven is Handmaid.

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