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A Quick Summer Quilting Project

A Quick Summer Quilting Project–or what I did on my summer vacation Last night my husband came home and asked if he remembered to tell me he had volunteered us to make a quilt for the secretary from our church who was retiring? My answer was “No honey, I’m pretty sure you didn’t tell me […]

Postcards with Quilting and Other Decorative Stitches

Postcards with Quilting and Other Decorative Stitches-I Love small projects I love making small projects on any new machine and this PFAFF Quilt Ambition 2.0 is no exception. Small projects like postcards allow me to use my Quilting Stitches and all my other decorative stitches and see them stitched out. I start by cutting my […]

Sewing Utility, Decorative and Font Stitches

Sewing Utility, Decorative & Font Stitches, it’s time to love them ALL! The PFAFF Quilt Ambition 2.0 sewing machine comes with 201 stitches, 4 fonts and endless possibilities for combining them. Utility, decorative and font stitches are in abundance on this machine and I’m making it my goal to use each and every one of […]

Test Driving the PFAFF Quilt Ambition 2.0

Preparing to Test Drive the PFAFF Quilt Ambition 2.0 Quilt Ambition Hard Cover Case First—I get to open a brand new box! I still get excited every time I do that. After opening the box and removing the packing material they thoughtfully put in there to keep my baby, I mean my PFAFF Quilt Ambition, […]