Ruffles in Fashion

Ruffles in motion

Ruffles in motion

Understanding and using a sewing machine ruffler attachment

Ruffles in fashion, home dec and on little girls’ dresses! Lengths and lengths and lengths of organza, cottons, satins, and silks gathered up to create romantic and feminine looks. Ruffles have been around for many years and so has the attachment to create them. It’s an accessory no sewing room should be without. Its design is still innovative, making it very easy to use. No one should be pulling on threads to gather fabric!
Before ruffling your fabric, create hems/seams finishes, as it is much easier to do while your fabric is flat. Create a narrow rolled hem with your sewing machine, or a rolled hem on your serger. My favourite is using the picot stitch to create a soft scalloped edge.
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Designed by Linda Pidzamecky
Educational consultant for Janome Canada
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