Ripples on Water #3

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Ripples on Water #3

Traditional Belarusan geometrical patterns link present-day stitchers to an ancestral past to which they feel a great connection. Used primarily in woven coverlets, these patterns are an essential piece of Belarusan history. Even more precious to me are my great-grandmother’s sketches that she charted in pencil which she then adapted to her weaving.
As I work long hours to reproduce these enigmatic and complex patterns on a computer program, I’m bewildered that my ancestors were able to chart their idea of a harmonized structure of the ‘universe’.
I really appreciate their persistence in handing down this tradition and leaving trunk loads of inscrutable patterns for generations to come. Water is a sacred element in Belarusan culture. Their persistence could have very well come from the image of water in their everyday life, for theirs is the land of countless springs gushing ‘at every step’.
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Designed by Iryna Varabei
Spirit of Belarus

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