Quilting in Summertime

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Outdoor sewing essentials
Outdoor sewing essentials
Paper piecing
Paper piecing

Elaine’s Tech Tips

There is nothing better than the brilliant light, the fresh air, and the warmth of the sun in the summer.
Here are some suggestions that will keep you quilting while enjoying the great outdoors.

Do your prep work (cutting and pinning) indoors on a rainy day, so when the sun is out, you can be out too.
Move your sewing machine outdoors!
Why not? Get organized to make the most of it. Keep a designated box of items ready to set up sewing outdoors on splendid summer days. In the box store the following:

Watch for the wind! Even a slight breeze may be enough to flip your pieces around. Keep the pieces in bags or a cutlery tray. Use a clean mesh splatter screen from the kitchen to keep things from blowing around.
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Article by Elaine Theriault

Bio: Elaine made her first quilt at the tender age of 13. The urge to quilt resurfaced when her daughter moved from a crib. The rest is history – she now teaches several days a week, makes quilts on commission and quilts for others on the long-arm.

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