Pulled Thread Pastries

Pulled Thread Pastries

Pulled Thread Pastries

Pulled Thread embroidery is based on controlling the tension of stitches made to create a pattern on the fabric. The pulling of the stitches distorts the fabric threads and bringing forward a lace look without cutting fabric threads. The trick with the tension of the stitches is to pull enough to create the pattern without distorting the fabric around the area.

The fabric you use for pulled thread should have a bit of a loose weave to it. There should be spaces between the fabric threads. For this reason, linen is the best choice. I used Cashel Linen, 28 count for all cushions.

This project came about as I have always wanted a real reference for some pulled thread patterns. I wanted something I could see and touch when deciding a pattern for a design.

You have many choices with this project.

Read more in our Issue 48.
Download the PDF pattern now.

Designed by Kim Beamish
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