Poolside Pillows

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Poolside Pillows

Outdoor Décor with Coats & Clark

Creating an outdoor living space is a big trend in home design. Things that we normally associate with indoor décor are adding colour and design to our outdoor spaces. Pillow, cushions, and even drapes create the feeling of extending the living space from indoors to outside.
One thing to keep in mind when sewing projects for use outdoors is that the fabric and thread will be constantly exposed to sunlight, moisture and humidity. Not only is a strong thread needed, but one that will not fade or weaken with constant exposure to the elements or the chlorine associated with pools.
Coats Outdoor thread is a bonded polyester, designed for this purpose. It is the same construction as the thread awning manufacturers use. This thread is resistant to almost every form of weather-related abuse including UV rays and moisture. Use Coats Outdoor thread when sewing or repairing outdoor items like deck chairs and cushions for benches and chairs.
Coats Outdoor thread is a 12 wt., Tex 90, which is a very heavy thread – the heaviest that can be used on a home sewing machine. It does require some special handling to achieve a balanced stitch.
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