Pavouk Talisman

Pavouk Talisman

Pavouk Talisman

The idea of the stitched Pavouk came from the 3 dimensional straw ornament that’s very popular in Belarus. The word pavouk means ‘a spider’.

Salamiany Pavouk, straw Pavouk, is one of the oldest Belarusan talismans.

Because of its shape, it’s considered a sacred item, and the process used to craft it, is believed to repeat God’s geometric process of the creation of the Universe.

A straw Pavouk is typically made at the beginning of a new year and is believed to protect the home and its family the whole year long. It is thought to catch negative energy and transmute it, very much like a dreamcatcher.

It’s usually hung to the ceiling or doorway and often to a crib. It can be hung at the window or in the car.

A stitched Pavouk may also be framed.

The design for this talisman is based on the ‘ripples-on-water’ design often used on Belarusan coverlets.

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Designed by Iryna Varabei
Spirit of Belarus