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Oakville Stitchery Guild members

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the guilded edge: Secret Sister Challenge

In September 2010 members of the Oakville Stitchery Guild started the Secret Sister Challenge. Each person wrote a couple of lines about themselves on an index card, and then the cards were collected and given out randomly. No one knew who their Secret Sister was and the challenge was to create a piece of fibre art based on the two lines provided. An example of the lines on one of the index cards would be “I like red roses and summers at the cottage. My favourite beverage is herbal tea.” Members were given until April to complete the challenge.
At our meeting in April 2011 everyone brought in the piece they created, read the lines, described how they created the piece based on the lines and presented it to their Secret Sister. The results were amazing and very creative and since no restrictions were given on the type of fibre art to be created, no two pieces were alike and Guild members utilized a wide range of media and stitching techniques.
A special thank you goes to our Programme Director, Danielle Weston, for coordinating the challenge and providing us with an opportunity to create in our own style with no limits.
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Article by Jayne Styles