Matryoshka Keepsake Case

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Matryoshka Keepsake Case
Matryoshka Keepsake Case - inside

Beauty is in the Details

A few years ago my church pastor gave me a very cute Russian Matryoshka as a birthday gift and I fell in love with this Eastern European folk art doll. This doll is the inspiration to a very special keepsake case designed for your ZAKKA sewing journey.
There are endless embellishment possibilities for this little case. Follow your creative mind. This case is perfect for holding a ring, sewing needles, and small jewellery items to give as gifts. It would also make a great keepsake for a lock of baby hair or a child’s first tooth. You can even use it as a keychain or a hanging ornament.
Read more in our Summer 2014 issue.

Designed by Michele Cheong
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