Little Red Riding Hood Key Holder

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Little Red Riding Hood Key Holder

I designed this key holder for the love of Little Red Riding Hood. This is key holder is fully lined with a thin batting and lining. The cushioned holder prevents keys from scratching other items in your purse. A split key ring placed inside the key holder secures the keys and can easily be pulled down to use. The doll’s face is placed under the opening of the hood and her eyes and mouth are hand stitched with care. Add lace trims, cotton tapes, fur pompoms and tiny buttons to embellish the lovely dress Little Red Riding Hood is wearing.

There are many options to play with for this holder. You can hang it on the side of your purse as an ornament. You can also wear it as a unique necklace with a long wax cord or metal necklace at the front of your body for convenient access to your key.

Read more in our Spring 2016 issue.
Download the PDF pattern now.

Designed by Michele Cheong
[email protected]

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