Lantern Beads Necklace

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Lantern Beads Necklace

Lantern Beads Necklace - detail

Creating with fabric and thread is my favourite thing to do. As a textile artist and a threaducator for WonderFil, I often have small pieces of fabric left over from other projects. These are perfect for experimenting with thread and decorative machine stitches.
After accumulating many stitch samplers, I began cutting them up to create fabric beads. The textural quality of the stitched fabric created interesting one-of-a-kind beads. The beads could be used to make earrings, brooches or trim an art quilt or mixed media project. Most often, I use them to create necklaces, like this one. These bright and cheery beads make me think of Chinese lanterns strung across the yard and shining brightly on a warm summer evening.
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Designed by Lucy Garvin
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