Into the Fire

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Into the Fire

A neutral background of black, grey, white, or a well-curated palette of low volume fabrics in a quilt can be timeless in its execution and very pleasing to the eye, but a vibrant pop of colour against that negative space can be the element that wows the viewer and really makes a quilt tell its story out loud. Here’s how one Canadian Quiltmaker did just that in the midst of his most difficult month of the year – January.

Read more in our Issue 56.

Brandy Maslowski

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    • Carla A. Canonico

      Hi Barb! Brandy Maslowski wrote her column about the awesome quilter Bill Stearman and his quilt called ‘Surviving January’. You might want to connect with Bill via his instagram page He’s also on FB, you could message him there. I’m not sure if he has a pattern for it.

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