Groovy Girl Jeans

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Groovy Girl Jeans

Groovy Girl Jeans models

There’s only one word that describes Linda Hall’s jeans and that word is “groovy”! Wearing a pair created by this Oshawa, Ontario, designer has to make one feel like listening to the Beatles or going barefoot in a park. These “shades of the 1960s” embellished pants are as much fun to make as they are to wear and Linda is only too happy to chat enthusiastically about her creations.
“I got into doing these jeans in an unusual way,” Linda explains. “I bought my daughter a brand new pair of jeans when she was five, but she fell in the playground and came home with a big hole in them the very first day she wore them. I found a table runner with an Asian design on it for $5, bought it, and used it to decorate her jeans to cover the hole!”
Linda has been creating since she was very young first by making doll clothes and graduating to faux finishes in her home as an adult. “As I got older the ‘doll’ clothes got larger and became Hallowe’en costumes and then I began making my own clothes,” she says. “I grew up in England when punk came into vogue and I had my hair dyed every colour under the sun; I guess I was an exhibitionist. I used to choreograph fashion shows.”
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