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Gingerbread Love Ornaments

Gingerbread Love Ornaments

Beauty is in the Details

Zakka, in Japanese, means “household goods or many things” referring specifically to hand sewn items for domestic use that improve a home and one’s appearance such as tableware, kitchenware, containers, picture frames, tote bags, simple clothing, and so on.
The beauty of Zakka is in the details. You can embellish a project with buttons, lace, hand quilting, stamping, embroidery, etc., to make it uniquely yours. Handmade Zakka sewing uses a simple technique to make projects unique, useful, simple, and lovely to look at.

I started my Zakka journey a few years ago and it has been completely amazing to make friends who share in the joy of fabric creations. We visit fabric stores and quilt shows for fun and to get inspired. We gather at our neighborhood coffee shop for a show and tell to share ideas, special techniques, books, and fabrics. Come join us! It is so much fun!
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Designed by Michele Cheong
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