Fresh Tulips

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Fresh Tulips

If you don’t want fellow commuters to know what you are reading, hide your novel inside a lovely book cover. Or, if you need a gift for your children’s English teacher or a bookworm friend, these delightful covers from Cal- gary designer Ana Buzzalino will be sure to impress. A slow reader will also find these useful because they will look lovely as they decorate a coffee table.

While Ana designed these covers with the idea that they are a small project that can be used to learn fabric painting tech- niques, the design could be adapted to include a beaded design on the cover or a quilt block could be used instead of the painted motifs. “My original design cov- ered a sketchbook,” Ana comments. “But, they can be adapted for paperback books.”

Download pattern.
Read more in our Spring.

Designed by Anna Buzzalino
Patches and Paint
Calgary, Alberta

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