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Corset Fabulous
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Corset Fabulous


Corset Fabulous - inside of corset


I was approached in February 2010 to take part in Corsets: Fabulous Fashion Accessories*, a fashion show held at the Fall 2010 CreativFestival in Toronto, Ontario. Over the years as a Costume Builder, I have sewn many corsets. The corset fashion show gave me the ideal opportunity to try something different and knitting a corset would be a good twist on the traditional one. I searched the internet and looked at some knitting books, but couldn’t find what I wanted. The Victorian Corset has a flattering shape, looks very modern, and can very easily be worn as evening wear today.
Once I decided what I wanted, it was time to work out the pattern. I drafted a paper pattern to my size and made a base out of power stretch. There are 12 pieces in the pattern; I made them up so I had 2 backs and a front. The stretch base was going to be my guide for the increases, decreases and short row shaping that I would need to create the shape and also to place the bones needed to keep the shape of the corset.
For this corset I used mercerised cotton for its beautiful sheen. Once I had the pieces knitted, I flat mounted them to the base, stitched up the side seams, and put in a zipper for the closure. The top edge needed some definition, so I strung faceted beads on a thread and crocheted them onto the bust edge.
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