The Bridal Shawl

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This gorgeous shawl is perfect for the bride or can be crocheted in a colour for bridesmaids or other occasions. Use bamboo thread for a fabric with beautiful drape and a nice silky sheen. Read more in our Summer 2013 … Continued

Fiesta Shawl

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This summer weight shawl is so versatile and can be made to look totally different just by changing the colours used. You may choose to use my colour choices or you may choose to use totally different colours. This is … Continued

Bridal Nosegay

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Beautiful shades of pink crocheted roses and carnations are an elegant addition to the bride’s ensemble. Use these flowers as a nosegay, as shown, or to decorate at the bridal reception. Read more in our Summer 2014 issue. Designed by … Continued

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