Bra-making 101 – Part 3

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Front of bra

Bust line

Bra strap

So you’ve taken the plunge and sewn your own bra? In our previous issues, we’ve described the sewing process from start to finish. Now that your first bra is sewn together, let’s look at common fitting issues and how to correct the pattern. We’ll also see how to add some designer touches to a bra to take it from being Plain-Jane to Drop-dead Gorgeous!

A  bra is unlike every other garment you’ll sew. Usually in regular garment sewing, you can try on a muslin (trial garment made from less expensive trial fabric) that has been sewn with longer, temporary stitches. Once the fitting and alterations have been done, the “real” fabric is then sewn with permanent stitches. By contrast, when sewing a bra, there is no point is testing the pattern with any other fabric than the fabric you intend to use. Why? A bra is a garment which is fitted exactly to your body – so, if one fabric is fitted to the body and then a different fabric (with a different amount of stretch) is used for the real garment, the bra will not fit the same way. That’s why we always recommend that the trial bra be made with the fabric you intend to use. If you’re concerned about wasting fabric and supplies, sew the trial bra together with large stitches so they can be easily picked out and the pieces re-used.
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by Beverly Johnson
Bra-makers Supply
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