Blue Sky Boy’s Romper

Blue Sky Romper

Blue Sky Boy's Romper

I’m a pretty avid sewer and embroiderer. I also smock, cross stitch, do whitework and design heirloom garments. There’s just one tiny fly in my ointment – many of my finest efforts are never worn at my house; they go to friends and family. The reason for the exodus? My two lovely children aren’t girls, they’re boys and try as I might to even out my stitching, there simply isn’t the same choice for the lads as there are for little girls.
If you’re in the same boat, you know how difficult it is to find patterns and designs for little boys. And if you luck out and find a project, it will very likely involve printed patterns of either prehistoric lizards or transportation. Now, don’t get me wrong – I like a good brontosaurus or backhoe as much as the next mother of truck-and-dinosaur mad boys – but classic lines and embroidery have their place, too.
This embroidered romper offers that compromise, with clean, crisp whitework embroidery that works up quickly with a few basic stitches. In fact, I’ve purposefully designed a garment that, while it harkens back to vintage styles, fits in readily with our easy-going lifestyles by eschewing ruffles or fussiness. Best of all, this comfy romper is worked up in cool and durable linen that will keep your young man comfortable and fashionable even in warmer temperatures.
Read more in our Summer 2009 issue.

Designed by Claire Meldrum
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