The Baby Journal Cover

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The Baby Journal Cover

Necessity is the mother of invention. We have all experienced it and often we’re put to the test of creating to fulfill a need. That’s exactly how came to be. Kerry Karram and her friends, signed up for a penny rug class in 2002. The supply list included felted wool yardage, dyed in beautiful colours. They found none. Nothing in quilt stores, or online, so, it was necessary to become resourceful.
Kerry learned how to prepare the wool yardage and hand dye the colours needed for the project and this was the start of it all. Uschi Greiner owned a quilt shop at the time and Kerry approached her to teach classes and to sell hand dyed wool. Uschi was keen and the pair began working together.
Read more in our Spring 2014 issue.

Designed by Ursula Greiner and Kerry Karram
Wool Penny Rugs Enterprises Inc.

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