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Storybook Corset - front view
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Storybook Corset - front view


Storybook Corset - back view


The most challenging aspect regarding this article will be to translate it into Croatian for mom, who lovingly and patiently taught me from a very young age, a spoonful at a time, the craft of sewing. Ever inquisitive, I remember having trouble when making a shirt for my sister’s doll, my first patternmaking experience at age eight. The sleeves I sewed in stuck straight out like a scarecrow’s arms! Mom then showed me how to cut a proper sleeve-head, and sealed my interest for life.
Many years later, I’m still at it. I’ve always been keenly interested in mathematics, geometry, and physics, as they pertain to my work, as well as deeply appreciative of nature and art. I incorporate these interests instinctually in my work every day. In the end, the challenge, for me, is ever the same: combine logic with the ethereal – create artful style, with finesse; not to showcase the work, but for the work to showcase the wearer. Magic moments happen for me when I’ve succeeded in harmoniously balancing gravity and the ever varying properties of fibre and textile.
Having spent the greater part of the last 40 years in the field, I can honestly say, I have not stopped learning, and never have to search for inspiration. I’ve been known to design and create an entire outfit around a beautiful broach or belt buckle, as well as step completely out of the box, creating an “androgynous” costume, split straight down the middle – one side an elegant and complete tail-suit, the other a formal period gown, both with every detail attended to.
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Mary Logan
Stratford, Ontario
[email protected]