A collection of embroidered medallions

A collection of embroidered medallions

I am an artist from Quebec and my medium of creation is embroidery art that I have been practicing professionally for 20 years.

In this feature I highlight ten medallion embroideries based on a single theme: two mountains and a bay connecting to the St. Lawrence River, which is the landscape I see through my window.

These embroidered miniature landscapes are from a series of 64 medallions and each one measures 21⁄4 inches in diameter. They were first embroidered on a hoop and once completed they were mounted on foam core board covered with batting. The challenge was to vary the colours, materials, and techniques.

Made between March and December 2020, embroidering these medallions allowed me to transform the isolating and restrictive period of the pandemic into a happy time of creation.

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Marie-Renée Otis
Broderie d’art