Red Legs Socks


“In this witty sock pattern, Lorraine Thompson created shaped toes to be worn on the left and right feet because the words on the soles need to be read in order. After much experimenting, it turns out you just need to decrease faster on one side than the other. She also used a band heel but with a reinforced s1,k1 pattern. This heel does not have a gusset decrease which would interrupt the colour stranding in the foot. The numbers for the heel can be adjusted. The motif on the leg is a sheep she has used time and time again on many of her knitted projects, this time she made the sheep design taller with coloured legs to represent socks. On the soles of the socks are the colour-stranded words: On the eighth day God knit socks. Includes: material list, instructions, charts for colour stranding. Skill level: Advanced