Tweedy Cabled Poncho


Three vertical panels become horizontal bands of texture in this simple-to-construct poncho. Just knit a rectangle and sew a straight seam to create a poncho that can be worn in multiple ways. Drape the seam over a shoulder and down one arm, which is the most common way of wearing a poncho constructed in this manner. Place the seam down the front to create a wrap that stays together for you, without pins or other closures. You can even place the seam down the back for a sleek, modern look.
skill level Intermediate
Adult Sizes 1 (2, 3) to fit chest size up to 42 (43-52, 53-62)”
[106.5 (108-132, 134.5-157.5) cm]
finished measurements
Poncho 21″ x 50″ (23″ x 60″, 25″ x 70″) [53.25 x 127 (58.5 x 152.5, 63.5 x 178) cm], before folding and seaming
Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted Tweed Superwash.