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Spring 2017

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The theme of this spring issue is using scraps and you'll be stunned at the amount of techniques covered in this stellar issue. See 4 ways to create captivating quilt blocks using foundation piecing, string piecing, paper piecing and curved piecing, using step by step pictures to show you these rather easy quilting techniques, that offer a lot of punch! Explore all 8 sensational quilting projects. Furthermore see how to make a charming rug using rare crochet stitches that looked layered!

Knit the Woven Transverse Twill pattern to add real interest to your knitting projects using scraps. In My Heart is a gorgeous cross stitched heart that will inspire you to use your creativity to finish cross stitch projects to really make them your own. And did I tell you? Audrey Hepburn is in this issue too…check it out! There's so much more!

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I am Scrapped Pattern
I am Scrapped
Using scraps of fabric to make this askew pattern that ties traditional quilting with a modern look. Destash your fabric scraps bin today! Designed by Doreen G. Teasdale, Brampton Sew N Serge 289 Rutherford Rd. S. Unit #7 Brampton, Ontario L6W 3R9 905.874.1564
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Afghan Scraps Cushion Tops Pattern
Afghan Scraps Cushion Tops
If you ever knit an afghan and had some leftover yarn, this is the project to complement your afghan. Inspired by her knitted afghan, Cynthia MacDougall designed this zany cushion top to match the afghan using only leftover yarn. Designed by Cynthia MacDougall blog: ravelry name: macknitnow
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Thinking Outside the Paper Piecing Lines Pattern
Thinking Outside the Paper Piecing Lines
If you've never tried paper piecing this is a great project to start with. Clear instructions with photos to guide you along the path to discovering a new form of sewing happy! Nancy Devine
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A Walk Back in Time Quilt Pattern
A Walk Back in Time Quilt
Your fabric scraps will totally rule the look of this quilt. Jackie uses special pieces of leftover fabrics from her mother's stash of decades ago to remember her by. Use your special leftovers to create your own special quilt. Designed by Jackie White [email protected]
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Something from (Almost) Nothing Pattern
Something from (Almost) Nothing
This is a great project for using very little amounts of leftover yarn. Learn the Woven Transverse Twill pattern to boot! Use it as a headband or make the entire hat. Designed by Denise Powell [email protected] Ravelry: Doctor Knit
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Summer in my Heart
Summer in my Heart
Summer in my Heart is Part 2 of a 4-part series of what we love about every season, see the first one in our spring 2016 issue. Maria E. Gollek
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Spring Curves Pattern
Spring Curves Quilt
Excellent project to learn curved piecing! Using the easy to follow instructions and photos, and using big pieces of fabrics, makes the task that much easier. Great modern quilting project too! Designed, pieced & quilted by Clodagh Coker The Quilt Store 17817 Leslie Street, Unit 40 Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8C6 905.853.7001
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Tote-ally Awesome! Pattern
Tote-ally Awesome!
Sink your teeth into this out of this world tote! Tote-ally Awesome indeed! With over 40 photos and templates to guide you to make this envious tote everyone will wonder where you bought it! Lucy Garvin [email protected]
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Odds and Ends Tags
Odds and Ends Tags
These little tags are so perfect for adding to any gift whether you're an advanced stitcher or beginner. Beginners will get instant gratification with their first brush with embroidery love! Designed by Kim Beamish [email protected]
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Fabric ratios for smocking and other applications
Fabric ratios for smocking and other applications
Judith Marquis explains the smocking ratios for different fabrics. Photos include 6 different smocking ratios using soft batiste, broadcloth, flannel, and 21 wale corduroy. Excellent article for those wanting to further their sewing, dressmaking and smocking skills! Designed by Judith Marquis
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Serene Rug Pattern
Serene Rug
This rug pattern is very rare, using crochet stitches to create layered crochet stitches! Created for the bathroom but elegant enough to enhance any floor in the home. Designed by Ruth I. Forbes [email protected]
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Scrappy House Placemats Pattern
Scrappy House Placemats
Using the Sew Easy ½ Diamond ruler will make cutting the roof a little easier but still doable if you don't have the ruler. Easy instructions on how to make the woven part of this adorable house will stretch your skills that much further. See how to turn this little house into your favourite home placemat! Designed by Donna Housley & Cathy McLean
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What better way to remind ourselves of our abilities in life than to cross stitche the words of the endearing Audrey Hepburne? This project is fairly quick to cross stitch and makes a perfect gift to inspire the young girls in our lives. Designed by Jo Gatenby [email protected]
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A Stitch in Time Pattern
A Stitch in Time Quilt
Using Northcott Fabric reminiscent of all things sewing, quilting and vintage, this table topper is an ode to the warm feeling we get when we think of our time spent at the sewing machine in absolute bliss! Designed by Elaine Theriault
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Fun with Pyramids Pattern
Fun with Pyramids
Who knew pyramids were so much fun? You can't stop at just making one. Use any design for your embroidery work by drawing on the fabric and then use embroidery stitches such as satin stitch, lazy daisy, French knots and more of your easy favourite surface stitches in your embroidery library! Easy instructions to making the pyramids. Designed by Sue Davies [email protected]
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The Scrap Buster Tote Pattern
The Scrap Buster Tote
It's time to bring out all your favourite scraps of fabrics accumulated over the years! Make this easy to follow project for yourself or make it for someone else when you need an original way to wrap a gift for someone! Designed by Lynn Swanson Brother Educator Western Canada
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Cabled Leftover Neckroll Pattern
Cabled Leftovers Neck Roll
Wonder no more what to knit with all those leftover balls of yarn! Here's a fun and interesting enough project to make your knitting with scraps adventurous! Designed by Jacqueline Grice KnitswissYarns Ravelry: Knitswiss
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Tak-a-Long Blue Tote
Take-a-Long Blue Tote
Learn the woven pattern in this crochet project, and make the 3D flowers to embellish a tote that will carry all your crochet dreams, or maybe a few groceries. Designed by Michele Wilcox, Red Heart
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