Soft Tiles Cushion Cover


Mosaic knitting is used here to create a cushion cover that resembles richly patterned tiles. The back and front could be made to be identical, but here I have reversed the colours so that the back is a negative image of the front. The cushion cover is knit at a firm gauge to help prevent pilling over time and is slightly smaller, blocked, than the pillow form to ensure a tight fit. In the sample, the two pieces are sewn together with a blanket stitch of both colours of yarn held together, but, if you prefer, you could use an invisible seam, like the mattress stitch, and insert a zipper on one edge so that the cover could be removed for laundering. Includes material list, knitting instructions are written and charted. Using 2 balls each colour 828 Pulp and 814 Petrol Blue of Universal Yarn Deluxe DK Superwash finished measurements cushion cover pieces 15” x 15” [38 x 38cm], blocked stuffed cushion 16” x 16” [40.5 x 40.5cm]