Issue 46


Welcome to another exciting issue as we explore so many stitches together. We begin two series you don’t want to miss: The Beauty of Texture, and Thoughtful Soles. The Beauty of Texture explores the evolution of smocking in what today is referred to as fabric manipulation. Written by Judith Marquis, Part 1 explains this concept in depth offering how-to charts and showing how smocking is featured in trendy decor items. Now you can make your own trendy accessories. The Thoughtful Soles series is a collection of witty socks designed literally to tickle your funny bone, starting with Dark Mushrooms Socks. We also take a look at the old art form of Paper Embroidery, the old is new again? We have two paper embroidery projects that spell ‘love’. Last but not least, the projects in this issue from quilts to shawls to needle rolls have all been expressed with brilliant colour as inspired by the colours and nature of lovebirds. Enjoy the issue!

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