Folk Flowers Table Mat


This attractive table mat features a beautiful floral design using sewing machine free motion couching embroidery techniques in the traditional Ukrainian folk style. The deep red colour yarn used for the embroidery gives the design a bold and striking look, while keeping the delicate and intricate details of the flowers. Using the same colour yarn throughout results in a charming monochromatic design that showcases the beauty and complexity of traditional Ukrainian embroidery.
The overall effect of the Folk Flowers Table Mat is one of traditional beauty and elegance. It adds a touch of culture and history to any table setting and is sure to impress guests or bring the everyday pleasure of decoration.
The overall process is free motion couching using a sewing machine guided by the traced design. You can also couch by hand if you prefer. The basic process is to use a couching foot on your sewing machine and the free motion technique to embroider the design. The top thread is the same colour as the yarn and the bobbin thread is the same colour as the backing.
skill level Intermediate
finished measurements
design diameter 13¼”” [33.5cm]
table mat 15” x 15½” [38.1 x 39.4cm]