Architectural Structure and Quilting
Architectural Structure and Quilting
Just how exactly do you create an architectural structure in quilting? See Ana Buzzalino's awesome and easy to follow tutorial for the method to creating any architectural structure. She uses The Peace Bridge in Calgary, Alberta to demonstrate. Ana Buzzalino Instagram: ana_buzzalino Facebook: anabuzzalino
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Old meeting new architecture royal ontario museum wallhanging
Old meeting new architecture Royal Ontario Museum wallhanging
Inspired by the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Annette shares her technique to create a quilted version of the Royal Ontario Museum. Step by step instructions, materials used and sewing machine settings, will help you re create your favourite architectural masterpiece into your quilted version. Designed by Annette Janca Education and Marketing Administrative Support SVP Canada Inc. HUSQVARNA VIKING, EPIC and INSPIRA are trademarks of Singer Sourcing Limited LLC. ©2018 Singer Sourcing Limited LLC.
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My Loot Business Cards 2
My Loot Business Cards
Imagine finally getting around to making good use of those 'treasures' you've saved up for years to make your personalized cards. Oh joy oh bliss! Use your favourite pieces of fabrics, yarn, buttons, paper snippets, threads, trimmings to make this 'loot' represent who you are in the fibre world. Jean Stephens Quilting/Fiber Artist [email protected]
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Thread and Fibre Art Pattern
Thread and Fibre Art
It's such a pity to throw out scraps of thread, especially when we love those the threads to quilt and sew. In this feature are the instructions on how to repurpose them to make a runner and bowl as keepsakes. Designed by Clodagh Coker The Quilt Store 17817 Leslie Street, Unit 40 Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8C6 905.853.7001
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The Silk Lotus Flower
The Silk Lotus Flower
Rug hooking is typically done using wool, but many have explored the craft with dyed nylon tights. This project, Dawn Liu-Smyth explores and enhances a simple flower using Sari silk ribbon and raffia. The end result is nothing short of mesmerizing. Designed by Dawn Liu-Smyth Owner of Heartfelt Fibre Arts, Toronto
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Hooking a Colourful Basket-topper
Hooking a Colourful Basket Topper
Sometimes the beauty of a craft is in the materials used rather than intricate design details. Hooking a basket-topper with colourful sari silk ribbon and textured yarn is a quick project that packs a beautiful punch! It can be hooked and put together in only a couple of days for that kick of instant gratification. Designed by Dawn Liu-Smyth Owner of Heartfelt Fibre Arts, Toronto
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3D Harvest Fibre Art
Truly a case of playing with threads and embellishment to create a 3D project for fall. Designed by Donna Housley
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Vamos a la Playa
Get creative! Make this bag anyway you want using denim in the awesome summer colors. Designed by Anne Dale
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