Vintage Festive Placemat


The original set of festive placemats was designed and crocheted in 1977 using Patons Craft Yarn. It can, however, be made in the yarn of your choice – chunky weight or heavy knitting worsted would work well. The pattern shows up very nicely with the heavier yarn but could be just as lovely with finer yarn. To work with a finer yarn add stitches in the multiple given in Notes.
The scfrp (long sc) is regarded as an overlay stitch. In this mat, it extends each colour over the row below breaking the monotony of the straight sc row and adding depth and interest to the mat.
These easy-to-make mats can be any size and in colours that best suit your festive occasion: red, white, greens for Christmas, blue, yellow, pink for Easter, or the birthday person’s favourite colours.
Since these are to be used on a table under a dinner or lunch plate, the fibre should be of a content that can be washed and if necessary, bleached, to remove food stains. Acrylic or cotton are both good in this case.
finished measurements 12″ x 16″ [30.5 x 40.5cm]
skill level Easy